Hello and welcome to the West Yorkshire Bat Group website.

Below is a brief summary of the type of work we do below. You may also like to join our Facebook group.

Have you found an injured or grounded bat or discovered a bat or roosting bat while undertaking building work?

Please ring the Bat Conservation Trust on
0345 1300 228.

 Please vist our bat care page for advice on what to do to care for the bat until help is arranged, or visit the BCT care page here.

Conservation: We work in partnership with Natural England to provide hands-on bat conservation. We are on call to help injured and stranded bats.

Research: We carry out research including roost and habitat surveys to build our knowledge of the ecology of the bats of West Yorkshire.

Education: We give talks at schools and provide bat walks and talks to educate the public and attend local shows to increase the public’s awareness to the plight of bats.

Records: We receive and hold records on bat roosts and sightings from around the county.

Training: We provide training to teach people how to use bat detectors, handle bats and identify bats in the hand to ultimately add to the number of licensed bat conservation workers operating in West Yorkshire.