Tong - Squeaky

Tong Rescue – Squeaky

Squeaky was found in the Tong area of Bradford when family members heard a squeaking sound coming from the laundry basket. Squeaky, a male common pipistrelle most likely dropped onto the hamper of laundry to a very soft landing! The family made attempts to reach the Bat Conservation Trust and was put into contact with a volunteer from WYBG.

Squeaky certainly lived up to his name when the volunteer arrived. He was actively vocalising and moving around his box, brimming with energy. As it was dusk and it appeared that Squeaky was echolocating, after a quick check for injuries an improvised attempt was made to reunite him back to his mum. There were a few fly-bys which could have been juvenile pipistrelles stretching their wings but sadly nobody came to collect little squeaky.

Squeaky stayed overnight with a volunteer and had lots of regular milk feeds, which he took to very well. When he was dropped off at the bat hospital for his rehabilitation he was just as active and energetic as he was the night before. Its hoped that after a short isolation period, he can join a group of bats his own age where he can socialise and learn the skills to become a very capable flier.

Milk Face

A post milk squeaky.


If you find an injured or grounded bat, please in the first instance call the BCT on: 0345 1300 228 and follow the guidance we have on our page here

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