Mickey was found by a passerby on her way to the shop close to where she lived in Wakefield.

Mickey is another pup around 3 weeks old. It is not certain how mickey came to be on the pavement in Wakefield but it is possible there were some roosts nearby the site he was found as there is a small stream, houses and trees providing excellent cover and feeding areas that bats love.

The passerby managed to pick up Mickey and take him home into a safe space away from her pet dog and cat! She contacted several vets in the Wakefield area who gave lots of misleading advice. Most advised her not to pick up the bat at all due to the risk of rabies. In fact, it can be quite safe to pick up a bat if you are wearing thick gloves or use the over-turned box method (see more on this here) and the rabies prevalence in the UK is very low (more on rabies). The lady also had advice from one vet to have it brought in to be euthanised!!!

Mickey is a healthy, uninjured bat that did not need to be euthanised for any ethical or medical reasons and there was no reason why he couldn’t go on to live the rest of his life. The determined finder continued to make telephone calls until she was finally put in contact with Maggie at our Bat hospital. Maggie was able to arrange a local volunteer to collect Mickey and take him to Otley so he can learn to stretch his wings and catch his own food.

If you have found a grounded bat, please see our advice page here and call the BCT on 0345 1300 228