On Tuesday one of West Yorkshire Bat Groups Bat Carers was asked to go and pick up 4 bat pups that were found on the floor. The best option for survival for grounded pups is to return them to their roost. This method has been tried and tested by a couple of bat groups, where you place the pups high on a warmed surface at bat emergence time and wait for the adult bats to locate the pups and for the mothers to pick their baby up.
We had lots of interest from the adult bats, but sadly the pups weren’t picked up. Although not the outcome we were hoping for, it was an incredible experience to be a part of. The communication between the adults and pups showed how amazing nature can be. A couple more nights of trying and I think this method would have been successful. Unfortunately it’s due to rain most nights this week so they’ve gone to West Yorkshire Bat Hospital to be cared for.