Below are links to write ups and photos of the latest events to happen in the world of bats in West Yorkshire. These will be added to the site as they become available so do check back in the future!

Our full set of photos is available on our Flickr account, free to view by all!

Also please feel free to join our facebook group

We are a very active conservation group and have activities for our members throughout the year.

Past events include..

  • Training on bat care
  • Survey technique classes
  • Use of Batsound software to analyse calls
  • Invitations to group members to talks by bat experts
  • Hibernation surveys of quarries, caves and old buildings
  • Field surveys
  • Social events

All events are listed on our our Facebook page. If you are interested in attending an event please contact us through our contacts page.  We ask that you become a member of the group to come to an event.