West Yorkshire Bat Group Membership Data Privacy Policy Document April 2018

Reasons for holding data:

WYBG wish to retain contact information of members in order to be able to communicate directly to members information about activities and events in which they may wish to take part. 

WYBG insures its members against third party damage during the course of its activities. This is a further reason for retaining the contact details of paid up members for the period of their membership.

Who holds the data:

This information will be held by the Membership Secretary, whose role is to record and regularly update membership, and the Secretary, part of whose role is to communicate with members, and the Chair who will cover the roles of Secretary and/or Membership Secretary should they be indisposed. Committee members may also need to access the data in order to contact individuals in relation to arrangements for projects and activities for which they are responsible. Committee members who need to access the data will be expected to conform to the Data Protection Policy.

Is personal data held by the group shared with any other individuals or organisations?

Where circular information is sent to all members it will be blind carbon copied so that members do not receive other members contact details. 

No personal details will be shared with any individual or organisation other than those mentioned above. Membership numbers will be shared with members of the group through the annual report, and may be communicated to other organisations, for example the Bat Conservation Trust, but will include no personal details. 

How long will the data be held?

Membership lasts for a period of one year, three years or a lifetime depending on the choice of the individual when joining. A reminder will be sent to the member at least one month before the expiry of the membership, where applicable. Removal of the contact details for the member from the data base will take place after two months of the expiry, and before three months after the expiry, in order to allow time for the member to renew membership if they so wish. 

In the case of contact details accessed by Committee members, they will only be accessed for the purpose of the project or activity they are required for. 

Any member wishing to have their data removed from the data base at any time can do so by asking the Membership Secretary, knowing that this will mean the group will lose the ability to communicate information to them, and that they will no longer be included in any insurance cover.